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Terry Cox


Three days ago I had absolutely no idea what a blog was other than it could have been something kids did on the computer and it probably was associated with IM. That's because my daughter Emily, who when she was home did her share of IM and I think she may have mentioned blog a time or two when I was around. You know, those times when I was really paying close attention as a good dad should.

Then you send out this email message informing our small group that you have developed a blog, which, according to dictionary.com is to author an on-line diary or chronology of thoughts. This is so cool! What a wonderful way to share your faith.

This article about bible study is full of excellent advice for those who have come to a point in their lives where something has inspired them to check it out. Advice like keeping goals reasonable, keeping a notebook, seeking help, listening, checking out related reference materials, meditating on the Word of God, etc.

For me personally the single most helpful resource for me in my short time studying the bible has been being involved in a small group. Small group study for me helped me to understand the scripture lessons we were focused on and increased my appetite for more.

Now the question is how do we get our family members and friends and neighbors more rapidly to that point where they desire to check it out? I'm sure we'll be exploring this more in depth over the next few weeks of small group study. One thing I know for sure is I can't do it. God knows I've tried and probably had some chuckles over my efforts. I do believe, as Steve Farrar said at one of our MCC men's conferences, that God wants to use us in the process and Pastor Tom Lipsey and Rick Warren have given us some super advice as a starting point. The 40 days of Community we are studying by Pastor Rick is all about love and the first session taught us that love is what matters most. We are to love others. And I love what Pastor Tom said recently which is that we are to "love others until they start asking questions." My prayer is God help me love others (and pay attention) without ever expecting anything in return.

Thanks Dale for this really neat blog.

Terry Cox

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