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John Gadsby

As we watched Rick Warren last Sunday evening at Ted Berry's house, a thought came into my spirit. This means the idea was given to me throught the Holy Spirit. The idea was not profound but it built on a joy I had gotten a week before from delivering furniture to a family with Beth Hart's ministry called "Unity in the Community". I had a joy from helping a neighbor that I didn't know. She was so grateful and I felt so joyful from being privledged to serve her family with needed furniture donated by people at MCC. I met her sister in law that night who also had some needs and shared she was looking for a church and I shared our church name. I told her I would write down her name and number and call when we had her needs met. Getting back to the DVD on Rick Warren. The idea was to have a Block Party in this neighborhood. To have these two ladies invite their neighors to their house and our small group would put the party on. We would play some games and burn some burgers. We would put ourselves out there to have fun with people we didn't know. During the fun we would start conversations to find out if we could help these neighbors. We hope to have this party next month. I pray that people's lives would be touch not only by that day but what we do in the future. This is what I believe 40 days of community is all about. Meeting people's physical needs and then meeting their spiritual needs. Let God use each of us to reach out to future brothers and sisters in Christ.

Dale Wolf

John, thanks so much for sharing the Spirit's idea with Roaring River. At our last 40 Days Small Group, we talked about a neighbor who has been battling cancer and a year ago her husband had a fatal heart attack at a young age. I smell a burger party coming up!

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